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Designed and manufactured for major works, our AE1000P leaves no one indifferent. It is able to perform tasks as much with precision than power, from dredging to aquatic plant management. Equipped with a range of accessories, the Amphibex 1000P is an extremely versatile machine and ensures incomparable efficiency. In addition, our AE1000P moves easily and is fully autonomous for launching. Its CAT engines give it all the power necessary for optimal pumping, whatever the conditions or the tasks to be performed.


  • Ice breaking and prevention
  • Vegetation control
  • Exploitation of peat bogs
  • Creation of wildlife habitats
  • Recovery of mining waste, coal ash
  • Restoration and cleaning of contaminated rivers
  • Dredging (contaminated sediments, sediments, mud or sand)
  • Pile driving
  • Water conduits, pipelines and underwater cable installation
  • Cleaning waste water treatment basins


Several options are available. Contact us to adapt an Amphibex AE1000P to fit your specific needs.


Max. length: 16.6 m (54’ 6")
Max. width: 4.9 m (16’)
Speed: (approx.) 5 to 8 knots



Cylinders: 6
Power max: 765 bhp (570 kilowatts)
Fuel tank: 5000 L (1321 gal)



Excavation radius: 12 m (39’ 4") on 150°
Maximum discharge height: 10.3 m (33’ 10")



  • Conventional bucket and variable speed hydraulic bucket-pump
  • Horizontal cutter for conduits SAE 450 (18'')
  • 3 m (9' 10'') wide rake
  • Compact propulsion system composed of 2 hydraulic engines with propellers
  • Power-assisted steering
  • Hydraulic vertical control
  • The maximum length of the Amphibex AE1000P is 16.6 m (54' 6'') and its maximum width is 4.9  m (16'). Its resistant hull is divided into thirteen sealed compartments.
  • The Amphibex AE1000P can sail at 5 to 8 knots.
  • It can reach an excavation depth of 10.5 m (34' 5'') in a 12 m (39' 4'') maximum radius of 150 degrees.
  • The maximum discharge height is 10.3 m (33' 10'').
  • Its engine, a diesel Caterpillar C18 model with six cylinders, generates 765 bhp (570 kilowatts). The capacity of the diesel tank is 5000 L (1321 gal).

Equipment Equipment

The range of Amphibex AE1000P standard equipment includes many interchangeable accessories that provide great versatility found on the amphibious general purpose excavator conceived and manufactured by Normrock. Normrock also offers a multitude of optional accessories. For a complete listing of the standard equipment, consult the technical specifications of the product. For the adaptable options for the Amphibex AE1000P that fit your particular needs, contact us.

The cabin

The air-conditioned Amphibex cabin offers all the comfort and visibility necessary for the operation of the amphibious general purpose excavator during long hours. The ergonomic position of the various manipulation arms of the hydraulic controls and GPS navigation system contribute to make the work of the operator comfortable and simple.

In addition, the seat and controllers can move from the left to the right of the cabin to facilitate the visibility and manoeuverability during work near structures.

The C18 Caterpillar engine

Equipped with 2 Caterpillar C18 diesel engine with 700 hp and 765 hp, the Amphibex AE1000P general purpose excavators has all the required power necessary to execute its variable tasks.

Stabilizers and floats
Its front stabilizers (with floats) and its four anchor piles (adjustable and tilting) also give the Amphibex AE850P all the mobility necessary to move over ground and to adequately position itself for shoreline or marine work. They also give the amphibious general purpose excavator the necessary balance to operate effectively on all kinds of bodies of water.

Propulsion system
Conceived to have maximum power with minimal disturbance, the Amphibex AE1000P propulsion system has achieved its goals. It can motorat 5 to 8 knots.  Its shallow propeller protects marine vegetation and avoids moving the sediment layers deposited at the bottom of the ponds of lakes.

Positioning system

The Amphibex AE1000P positioning system can be fitted with very sophisticated GPS positioning, particularly useful when pumping contaminated sediments. Day or night, these systems are used to precisely determine where the amphibious excavator should be.

In addition, for work requiring a greater degree of accuracy, Amphibex can be equipped with Real Time positioning (RTK) equipment, a very precise tool.