• Présentation

Like its subordinate, our AE450E is the ideal dredger for all kinds of marine and shoreline works. With the same size and tonnage as the Amphibex 400E, the AE450E offers better depth of excavation, and superior pumping capacity to perform even more demanding tasks, even in the most restrained areas and bodies of water. Surpassing other dredgers in its class, our AE450E is known for its performance and reliability in all types of environments. In addition, we are proud to manufacture all our Amphibex with the best technological advances to ensure maximum respect for the environment.


  • Restoration and cleaning of contaminated rivers
  • Placements of water conduits, pipelines and underwater cables
  • Cleaning waste, water treatment basins
  • Ice breaking and flood prevention
  • Vegetation control
  • Creation of animal habitats
  • Removal of peat bogs and muskeg mats
  • Recovery of mining waste, coal ash
  • Dredging of mining waste, coal ash and tailings

Flood prevention and ice breaking

The Amphibex AE450E is a world calss ice breaker and is used in many places for flood control. In the majority of cases, the use of the Amphibex AE450E makes it possible to avoid using explosives which can be detrimental to the environment. Several techniques can be used to break ice. Photo: An Amphibex AE450E uses its arm and weight to break the ice and dislodge ice jams.


Drainage work

The Amphibex AE450E is a very effective device for drainage operations. Its mobility on land and water, anchorage and stabilization equipment, added to its wide range of interchangeable accessories (bucket chipper, bucket pump, conventional bucket, rake and side discharge spout) give it a distinct advantage over traditional drainage machinery.


Shore line interventions

The Amphibex AE450E differentiates itself through its shore line work. Able to accomplish a large wide variety of operations (pipe installation, cleaning of the banks or vegetation control), it involves only minor disturbances where the use of traditional general purpose excavators would have created severe damage.


Several options are available. Contact us to adapt an Amphibex AE450E to fit your specific needs.


Max. length: 10.85 m (35’ 7")
Working weight: (approx.) 22 metric tons (24.25 tons)
Haulage distance: 12.85 m (42’ 2")
Haulage Width: 3.5 m (11’ 6")
Haulage Height: 3.2 m (10’ 6")
Speed: (approx.) 5 to 8 knots



Batteries (2): 1000 A
Fuel tank: 1200 L (317 U.S. gallons)



Maximum operating pressure: 450 bar
Hydraulic system capacity: 500 L (132.09 Gal.)
(hydraulic oil made with a biodegradable vegetable base)



Model: see options
Cylinders: 6
Maximum power: 275 to 375 bhp (205 to 264 kilowatts)
Max. torque: 275 bhp: (904 lb-ft) -1225 N.m. at 1400 rpm
Max. torque: 375 bhp: (1230 lb-ft) -1667 N.m. at 1400 rpm
Air compressor tu/flo: 501-13 ft3/min.



Excavation radius: 6.6 m (21’7") to 7.86 m (25’ 9") on 170°
Excavation Depth (with telescopic indicator): 6.5 m (21’ 4")
Power of wrenching scoop: according to the selected option
Power of attack excavator: according to the selected option



  • Quick attach buckets and accessories; 500 L bucket (0.6 cubic yard)
  • One-piece hull, corrosion resistant, divided into 9 sealed compartments
  • Two rear stabilizers, equipped with hydraulically tilting cylinders. Depth control by means of hydraulic cylinder / mechanical control
  • Two front stabilizers with detachable floats and removable spuds
  • Direction and hydraulic height controllers propulsion system
  • Dry powder extinguisher: one 5 kg (10 lbs.)
  • Standard excavator Arm with a horizontal pump-shredder bucket and hydraulic pumping system - 2 pumps, maximum capacity of 2 X 167 L (2 X 43 Gal)/second
  • Discharge line located under cab / Output connection SAE250 (10'')
  • Fast accessory attachment
  • Rescue equipment
  • Heating system
  • Air-conditioning


  • Discharge spout for side casting
  • 3 m (9’ 10") Rake
  • 250 mm (10") X 2 m (6') discharge pipe, aluminum assembly, SAE 250 (10'') for connection to the floating conduit
  • Navigation lights, folding mast
  • Winch
  • Crane
  • Tool box
  • 800 L (1 cubic yard) bucket
  • The maximum length of an Amphibex AE450E is 10.85 m (35' 7'') and they have a total weight of 22 Metric tons (24.25 tons). Its hull, moulded into one single piece, is divided into nine sealed compartments.
  • The Amphibex AE450E can sail at 5 to 8 knots. It is powered by a Caterpillar C9 diesel engine with six cylinders that generates 350 bhp (261 kilowatts).
  • It can reach an excavation depth of 6 m (19' 8'') in a radius of 6 to 8 m (19' 8'' to 26' 3'') and 170 degrees.
  • Its hydraulic system, with a capacity of 500 L (132 gal), runs on vegetable oil.

Equipment Equipment

The range of Amphibex AE450E standard equipment includes many interchangeable accessories that provide great versatility found on the amphibious general purpose excavator conceived and manufactured by Normrock. Normrock also offers a multitude of optional accessories. For a complete listing of the standard equipment, consult the technical specifications of the product. For the adaptable options for the Amphibex AE450E that fit your particular needs, contact us.

The cabin

The air-conditioned Amphibex cabin offers all the comfort and visibility necessary for the operation of the amphibious general purpose excavator during long hours. The ergonomic positioning of the various manipulation arms of the hydraulic controls and the GPS navigation system contribute to make the work of the operator comfortable and simple.

The C9 Acert Caterpillar engine

Equipped with Acert C9 Caterpillar engine, the Amphibex AE450E general purpose excavators have all the power necessary to be successful. These engines are compact, light and are low emisions.

Stabilizers and floats

Its front stabilizers (with floats) and rear (adjustable and tilting) also give the Amphibex AE450E all the mobility necessary to move over ground and to adequately manoeuvre for work on the shore line or on water. They also give the amphibious general purpose excavator the necessary balance to operate effectively on all kinds of bodies of water.

Propulsion system

Conceived to have maximum power with minimal disturbance, the Amphibex AE450E propulsion system has achieved its goals. It can sail at 5 to 8 knots and is set above the water and its shallow propeller protects marine vegetation and avoids moving the sediment layers deposited at the bottom of the bodies of water.

Positioning system

The Amphibex AE450E positioning system can be fitted with very sophisticated GPS technology, particularly useful when pumping contaminated sediments. Day or night, these systems are used to determine precisely where the amphibious excavator should be.