Find Out Everything There Is to Know About the Amphibex and the Solutions Brought by Normrock Industries.


Find Out Everything There Is to Know About the Amphibex and the Solutions Brought by Normrock Industries.


How are Amphibexes designed to respect the environment?2021-03-08T22:30:29-05:00

Each component of the machines is designed to cause the least possible disturbance to the fauna and flora surrounding the work sites. As an example, the propulsion system reduces vibrations and can be adjusted by a hydraulic pitch system for shallow water. All hydraulic oils used in the mechanical systems are vegetable-based and biodegradable to prevent contamination due to potential leaks. In addition to participating in day-to-day environmental operations, Amphibexes are manufactured in a low carbon environment and trees are planted every year to offset the environmental footprint of their manufacture.

How can I buy my Amphibex?2021-03-10T20:39:14-05:00

Normrock Industries sell its Amphibexes all over the world. Amphibexes can be purchased by communicating directly with Normrock’s specialists, either through the web site, by email, or by phone. If your region or country is served by one of our international agents, we will be able to put you in touch quickly to guide you to the Amphibex models that meet your needs.

How do I transport my Amphibex?2021-03-08T22:29:43-05:00

Amphibexes are designed to be easily transportable to work sites. The hull of the largest models is divided into three parts to have the regulatory width for road transport. Once on site, the Amphibex is simply deployed to unload it from the truck, then its side floats are assembled before starting the work. The Amphibexes are completely autonomous for loading and unloading transport trucks, as well as for descending and exiting the water body.

Can my Amphibex be used for different tasks, different kinds of works?2021-03-08T22:29:19-05:00

Amphibexes are the most versatile amphibious machines in the world. They are designed to provide power and efficiency for a wide range of different tasks. Normrock Industries also offers an impressive range of Amphibex tooling accessories. From conventional excavation buckets to advanced drilling and chipping tools, nothing stops the versatility of the Amphibex.

How do I choose my Amphibex model?2021-03-08T22:28:55-05:00

There are several things to consider when choosing an Amphibex model. First, you need to have an idea of what you need for the work you want to do with the machine. The depth of excavation, pumping capacity, and the Amphibex’s size and weight are all key characteristics when choosing your model. We invite you to speak with one of our experts for personalized advice and assistance in choosing the right Amphibex model for you.

What is an Amphibex?2021-03-08T22:28:34-05:00

AMPHIBEX simply stands for AMPHIBious EXcavator. Amphibexes are offered in 10 models, of different sizes and powers. They are amphibious heavy machinery, meaning that they can work on land as well as on water. Their flat and resistant hull allows them to glide over the ground using its hydraulic articulations to move. Amphibexes are the perfect versatile machines to handle a large number of different jobs, from pumping, excavating to the maintenance of structures and waterways.

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